Kaspersky Lab This fast-growing anti-virus vendor is renowed to crimware, hackers, phishing and spam. Everybody needs protection, and the green of Kaspersky offers the best.


Airlive is a well known provider or manufacturer of wireless internet router, outdoor CPE and other wireless related products.

AWB developing cutting-edge WiMAX and wireless broadband products fixed and mobile solutions

Edge-corE produces a wide range of L2 and L3 Switches, with models designed with Metro Switch specific features and ethernet fiber switches.

SMC Networks is a hardware manufacturer of equipment such as network cards, switches, wireless routers, broadband routers, VDSL, network attached storage.

IP BRICK is a proven integrated server system that offers the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) against any other known competitors.

Celframe Office is an up and coming office productivity suite with honest potential to knock the incumbent Microsoft Office off its perch.

Cyberoam leads the innovation in identity-based Unifed Threat Manage- ment (UTM) appliances offering a comprehensive range of security functions, including identity-based firewall, virtual private network (VPN), and a whole lot more!

Celframe Office thrives in delivering innovative outdoor wireless broadband solutions. Not just your normal router, Altai's flagship A8 Wifi base station is maily deployed in outdoor environments to offer telescopic Wifi coverage for designated users to enjoy ubiquitous broadband access.
Accton Wireless Broadband Corp.

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