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Altai Technologies is focused in design, development, and marketing of innovative outdoor wireless broadband solution. The flagship product, the A8 WiFi base station, is mainly deployed in outdoor environments to provide city-wide or large area WiFi coverage for users to enjoy ubiquitous broadband access. This award-winning base station effectively improves the non-line-of-sight WiFi signal coverage to an extended area of 500 meters in radius, by minimizing the interference effect of other signals in the unlicensed frequency spectrum.

Altai Family

Altai A8 Super WiFi Base Station

Enhances WiFi signal coverage area by 10 times, particularly in non-line-of-sight environment – allowing maximum coverage with minimal installation sites.

A8 Super WiFi Base Station with 4-Sector Tube Antenna

Equipped with 8 antenna ports with a specially designed 4-sector tube antenna for connecting to the A8 for maximum coverage performance.

A2 WiFi Pico Access Point

Low cost Pico access point to expand the aggregate network capacity under the coverage area.

AO WiFi Bridge

Based on 802.11a standard for point-to-point as well as point-to-multipoint bridge communications.

Altai Wireless Management System (AWMS)

Provides network operators a centralized way to remotely administer and control WiFi base stations in the network, significantly reducing workload for local configuration and monitoring.


10 reasons for Altai Super WiFi Solutions

  1. Cost effective, large scale and reliable WiFi solution
  2. Largest coverage area
  3. Utilizes smart antenna technologies and advanced signal processing algorithm.
  4. Savings of over 40% and improved latency over conventional mesh system.
  5. Large video surveillance area allows lower deployment cost.
  6. Wide array of communication offerings.
  7. Most ideal WiFi solution for large scale manufacturing sites, logistics, education, hospitality, recreational parks and others.
  8. High scalable.
  9. Ideal solution for network operators to run VoIP over WiFi.
  10. Easy and lower cost on hardware maintenance.


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