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Celframe offers solutions and products that focus on providing strategic differentiation and operational superiority to its clients. Having started its business in 1998 as a division, and become an independent company in 2001. It has established offices and development centres in US, India, Malaysia, Australia and is soon to be expanding to Singapore, Africa and Europe.

Celframe products are receiving worldwide recognition for its pure human approach to next-generation IT solutions and services, despite being fairly new to the industry. It now boasts thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.

Celframe Office

Celframe office is a professional level office & graphic design productivity suite. This multi award-wining suite provides fantastic compatibility to Adobe Photoshop/ Corel Draw and MS Office formats apart from OOXML format, thereby completing the full circle with more than a dozen tools cutting through every productivity suite today. Celframe Office is the only tool you will ever need

10 Reasons for celframe office
  1. Unbeatable value for money
  2. Unparalleled compatibility
  3. Similar look and feel to incumbent applications
  4. Friendly user interface
  5. Support for Legacy hardware and OSes
  6. Support for multiple operating system platforms
  7. Built-in PDF conversion capabilities
  8. Built-in Flash video conversion capabilities
  9. Includes advanced Graphic editing tools
  10. Fast Application loading

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