The IPBrick Family

IPBRICK.IC Intranet and Communication Servers

This Linux based operating system caters for intranet and communication servers, focusing on e-mail, collaborative tools and web srvices management. This system will provide your company with a secure and fully integrated communication experience. In fact, it is a high performace solution that enables the fastest and simplest installation, configuration and disaster recovery with the lowest total cost of ownership.
IPBrick.I Intranet Server

An essential component that manages your company's intranet, featuring Mail Server Groupware, File server, Domain server, Printer server and Database servers. It also integrates a truly collaborative environment with the address book, diary and calendar. At security level, it offers a work area backup service and Kaspersky software pre-installation to protect your e-mail and work area data from spam and malware.

IPBRICK.C communication Server

This tool enables you to configure Mail Relay,webmail and professional chat. It also provides Webserver, Webphone and Proxy HTTP/FTP services. You also access a full range of services that protect your communication - Firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems. Pre-instal Proxy and Email Anti-virus as well as Anti-Spam. The VPN server gives you full remote access to your digital resources.

IPBRICK.GT Communications Central

Aptly compliments the IPBRICK.IC software solution by enabling optimised voice/data integration. IPBRICK.GT meets the demands of needed integration between traditional telephony and new VOIP SIP phones and SIP providers.

IPBRICK.KAV Security Servers

The IPBRICK.KAV is a security server module based on the dedicatd IPBRICK.IC software and built to protect the enterprise in the four most important security areas- Email, Web Access, Network and Intranet.

10 reasons for IPBrick

  1. Enables network administration without the need for advanced IT knowledged
  2. Complete graphical representation of all system functions
  3. Ease of configuration via web interface
  4. Integration of intranet and communication services
  5. Traffic shaping and QoS (Quality of Service)
  6. Content filtering and integration of Kaspersky Security Tools
  7. Integrated enterprise data back-up
  8. Integration of VoIP devices within own communication system
  9. Economically save up to 60% of cost to run the entire management
  10. Supported on Linux typical uptime.

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