Nature of Business

IPTIME was incorporated in Malaysia on 20th December 2001. Although is new, but IPTIME has a number service engineer and technician together to provide better service to our customer. 

Our objective is to promote computerization in Private sector, to supply, service and support computer related hardware and software in corporations, manufacturers and other business commercial sectors as well in supply, install, implement and support Systems and Network Connectivity.   To provide value-added System integration, combining best possible hardware and software application.  We provide Hardware and Network Technical Support on Ad-hoc service request or through comprehensive & prioritize maintenance e.g. Special Service Contract.

Business Philosophy

We are the people believe in Quality Servicing Works.

IPTIME is poised to take on more challenging and dynamic role to provide complete strategies now, concepts and latest technologies, most established tools to help customers integrate their computer systems for enhanced productivity in their businesses and services.

Area of Expertise

  • Intel® Based Computer Systems
  • Laser, Inkjet and Dot-Matrix Mono/Color Printers
  • Projectors
  • Power Back-up (UPS) Systems
  • Data Backup and storage solution
  • Anti-Virus Utilities


  • Office Application Software (e.g. Microsoft® Office SBE, Professional, etc)
  • Desktop Design and Publishing (e.g. Adobe® PageMaker, Acrobat, Photoshop, etc)
  • Multimedia Application
  • Internet Set-Up and Application
  • Facsimile/Photocopier


Networks remain one of the least visible and least apparent systems. And yet they provide an indispensable ingredient to every company's information systems. They provide the method for the sharing and communication of data. Through these networks we pass our critical emails, our important attachments, conference with our colleagues, and provide information to our customers. 

Regardless of how "visible" the network may be, it quickly rises to the top of concerns when it doesn't work properly.  IPTIME Technology is prepared with the know-how to design the most delicate and extensive networks possible.

Multiple-platform integration

  • Structure Cabling Systems (e.g. Fiber Optic and UTP Cat-5e)
  • System Design on Fault-Tolerance and Disaster Recovery
  • Local Area Network (LAN) Design and Management
  • Mission-critical Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Wireless System Solution (INDOOR & OUTDOOR)
  • Secured and Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Internet/Intranet/Extranet and E-Commerce
  • Messaging and Workflow Solution (Emailing e.g. Microsoft® Exchange)


We recognise the importance of high quality service. Therefore we have made it a point to ensure that you, our valued customer always receive prompt, fuss-free, over-your-site service in most efficient manner.

We measure turnaround time as the time taken from the moment our customers report a request for service to the point the service is fulfilled.  At IPTIME, an average turnaround of 3 days can be expected for most troubleshooting and repairs.  What’s more, for personal touch, our Support Personnel will keep you informed of the status of your service and committed service time.  We need to, as to maintain our high standard of service to you, our most valued customer.

System and Network Support

  • To install, configure, troubleshoot and service Personal Computers (PCs) and Peripherals (printers, monitors, scanners, etc). 
  • To troubleshooting Microsoft® Desktop Operating system, application software as well as desktop utilities.
  • To install, commission and support Microsoft® networks.
  • To install, commision and support networking solutions from LANTech, Cisco®, 3COM and Many Others. 
  • To design and implement structured cabling, messaging (emailing) solution, Internet access, intranet solutions.

To support customer IT related hardware that is still under warranty (3rd party servicing) and take necessary steps if the hardware fail such as taking the faulty item to Supplier or Manufacturer for warranty claim.

Special Service Contract

After the warranty period, customers can extend the warranty period by signing the Special Service Contract with IPTIME. The following are the types of Service Contract currently offered by IPTIME:

  • Annual System/Network Maintenance Services (For within/after Warranty Period)  - it is calculated as Per equipment and to be renewed annually. 

  • IPTIME NetService (For both Systems and Network, Based on Service)  - IPTIME will provide a min number of 20 Service Units and the service are provided based the service unit.  For more information, please call IPTIME Computer representative.

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