Information Technology (IT) plays such a vital role in our lives, IPTIME Technology Sdn Bhd has emerged to capitalize on the booming Malaysian market for communications network solutions and services. 

Knowing that our customers are the greatest assets we have, our dedicated support team, who pride in their work, IPTIME are always ready to provide good “after sales” services. To date, we are proud to announce that every customer of IPTIME is yet another Satisfied Customer. IPTIME confidence and success lies on its commitment to excellence.  Our business focus is on providing value-added products and services on system connectivity and business application solutions.

IPTIME provides full networking solution when undertakes to IT projects (i.e. Local Area Network and Wide Area Network).  We offer a variety of network file-servers, print-servers, user workstations, printers and plotters, fault-tolerance devices, anti-viruses, communication solutions, network cablings and network managements.

We provide technical know-how by configuring and commissioning small-scale and even large-scale Local-Area and Wide-Area Network Systems. 

These exposures allow us to associate with many key products’ principals.  We have strategic alliances with OvisLink®, Fujitsu®, Compaq®, Hewlett Packard®, Microsoft®, LANTech®, Cisco®, Intel®, and many others.  The strategic alliances essentially important that enable us to obtain the latest know-how in networking technology.  We believed this would eventually benefit our clients.  At the same time, our clients could also be recognized and supported when they access any service request call to these principals.  Also not forgetting that we have the right technical personnel to provide the “in-house” supports all the way through from systems discussion to installation and implementation.

The management is fully convinced that its philosophy of excellence centered on expertise, experience and efficiency will remain the foundation of its business ventures both now and in the future.

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